FBC Norphlet
Monday, January 27, 2020
Find them, Reach them, Teach them, Grow them

I'm New

First, let us welcome you to our church. We're glad you're considering visiting. For your visit, there are some things that we can share now that might make your experience go just that much better.
First, our pastor has often said that if the police wouldn't arrest you for what you're wearing, you are dressed just fine for church! We do not have any sort of dress code. Just come dressed like you normally would. There is no reason to worry about having just the right clothes. God judges men and women based on their hearts, and so should we.
Second, if you have children, come a little early for Sunday School or the worship service so you can find their classrooms and get them settled before you move on to your own place. The nursery is located on the corner of Vineyard and Matthews Streets.
Third, we will take up an offering during the church service, but don't feel like you need to put in any money. The offering is for church members and anyone else the Lord leads to support the work of the church through their gifts and offerings. You are our honored guest!
Finally, please fill out the visitor information slip that tears off of the bulletin. That will give us your contact information so we can check back with you to see how your visit went. If you have any questions, ask someone or ask to talk with a staff member.
Thank you so much for visiting our church! We really do hope that you feel welcome and that God speaks to you during your time here.