FBC Norphlet
Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Our History

The present-day First Baptist Church of Norphlet, Arkansas, was first organized in 1895 in a one-room church house. Neighboring Ebenezer Baptist Church was the mother church and helped in its organization. The name of the church was originally simply Norphlet Baptist Church.
Like many small church starts, Norphlet Baptist Church struggled to survive for the first couple decades of its history. However, beginning in the early 1920s, the South Arkansas oil boom greatly changed Norphlet and the church. As oilfield workers and their families moved to Norphlet to work the hundreds of wells that sprang up, the church grew much stronger. This is no surprise since Norphlet was transformed from a town of just a few dozen families into a city with over 20,000 people in just a few years.
Of course, most things come to an end, and the oil boom was no different. As the claims were all made and the wells brought in and consolidated into the hands of just a few owners, many oilfield workers moved on to the next boom area in Texas. Norphlet's population declined, but it had changed for good. Many new families had put down roots in the area, the school had grown and was successful, and the church remained strong.
Today, First Baptist Church continues to be a strong church, and it still retains some of the oilfield character of its history, with many members working in the petroleum industry, either in production or in the local refineries. The church is very much a local- and family-oriented group. This translates into a great concern for one another and for the surrounding community.